Our Vision

Apart from our main focus, building world class trails and developing Greyton into an MTB hot spot - we are also passionate about bringing mountain biking into the lives of others. 

Several years back we created a platform together with the help of PPA - Pedal Power Association, to make the sport of mountain biking available to the wider community within Greyton and the surrounding villages. 

What We Do

We have 40 children riding twice a week with guide Peet and Eric. The bikes are housed in the club store room during the week and Eric, our bike mechanic, helps to keep the wheels turning and the gears shifting. 


We organise Training Camps with professionals to enhance skill potential within the children. We also host small race events and fun rides, where community MTB kids clubs from the Cape peninsular join our Kids Club here in Greyton. Of course we teach the importance of carbo loading after exercise - with boerewors rolls and cold drinks.   

This is where our young champions of tomorrow will emerge!

18 West St, Greyton

Western Cape,South Africa

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