All trails below start from our trail head

The Hub+Spoke 

18 West St, Greyton 

The trails below are some of our favourite Gravel Loops and Links.

These are great for Gravel Bikes or Mountain Bikes and are perfect if

you're after some Base Training or Endurance Work.

The routes can be ridden in reverse and interlinked for a longer loop.

How it works:

  • A LOOP is a circular route finishing in Greyton - ideal for training

  • A LINK is a route from Greyton to a neighbouring town - ideal for a touring adventure

Crabapple Cottage Loop

DISTANCE: 31km             ELEVATION: 379m

The short version of the Jail Break Loop. Fun and fast with beautiful

views and a few short but pinchy climbs 


Jail Break Loop

DISTANCE: 56km             ELEVATION: 630m

The Jail Break Loop is a valley favourite of ours. On this loop you'll venture to the far western side of the Riviersonderend Valley. By comparison, this is one of the flatter mid distance routes from Greyton.

Jail Break Loop2 Small.jpg

Oaks Loop

DISTANCE: 31km             ELEVATION: 362m

The short version of the Coffee Grind Loop. A scenic route taking you past the Oaks Estate, a beautiful homestead with a lot of history. Undulating roads with one noticeable climb just before Oewerzicht.

Pie Run Tour 1.jpg

Coffee Grind Loop

DISTANCE: 57km             ELEVATION: 710m

This is a shorter version of our annual Pie Run Gravel Grinder. On this loop you'll venture to the far eastern side of the Riviersonderend Valley. This loop is slightly tougher than the Jail Break Loop.

Pie Run Tour 2.jpg

Youngstone 70km


DISTANCE: 70km             ELEVATION: 1015m

A scenic medium distance route which crosses the N2 twice. Undulating south from Greyton and returning past the old Youngstone train station near Kriger. Returning north, passing Driefontien before Greyton.

1 Cycling across Kriger Bridge1- S.jpg